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What Does AI-powered Marketing Mean in Web Design?

AI-powered marketing in web design means that many of the processes by which a website is designed are either powered or support by an artificial intelligence. This can mean that word count and content are suggested via AI tools or conversion rates are determined by AI parsing large data sets. BDRanking is well-known for utilizing artificial intelligence in our marketing and web design. While it may sound very complicated, the reality is much simpler than you would expect. We are masters of robotic process automation (RPA) using AI and neural net based technologies. Our AI is very useful when it comes to SEO, much of the process involved in search engine optimization requires a lot of work done to look at averages, word counts, and other technical factors on a page.

Many of our larger clients will see the direct benefits of our automation expertise in their website. But, you don’t need to be a large company to benefit. We do hundreds of daily analysis passes to get statistics for your business and to identify general best practices for websites. We continually split test and parse huge amounts of data to find the most powerful digital solutions for our clients. Every single one of our customers gets the benefit of that knowledge!